Walgreens Thrifty deals

Childrens Triaminic night time cold and cough,

Thanks to my reader Caitlin who sent me this thrifty deal she found at Walgreens,

I just got back from Walgreens and bought 2 Childrens Triaminic night time cold and cough, NDC 00067-6344-04, used $2 coupon from savings book and paid $6.60 but then got back TWO $5 register rewards!!! Yes! $10 back!

Normally it will only print you out one Catalina for the same product, but this worked out to be  thrifty deal for her.  Other blogs are reporting the same thing, that it is printing out 2 $5 register rewards when you buy two.


My reader Kim let me know that her local Walgreens has Symphony candy bars on clearance for .50 cents each.  But they have a month long Register Reward on them, when you buy 2 you get a $1 RR back.  Making them FREE.  As with all clearance deals they may not be marked down in all areas.  But worth looking for if you are going to Walgreens.

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