Walgreens Tips: What is a Filler item – Item Coupon Ratio

walgreens sign

I did this post back in the fall, and had quite a few questions about my most recent trip to Walgreens and what a FILLER item is. Thought this might help.

Every store you shop at will be a little different and have a few rules you will need to learn as you shop there.  At Walgreens they have the registers programed to a coupon item ratio, and if that ratio is off it make the register beep.  Let me explain,  first they do NOT count their own instore coupon in this ratio so do not worry about them.  But they do count a Register Reward as a manufacturer coupon so this normally where the issue comes up.

Example: last week you bought an item at Walgreens that printed out a Register Reward, and this week you want to use it.  So you buy a $3 box of chex cereal, but you also have a $1.00 manufacturer coupon for the chex cereal.  You go to the register, the cashier will scan your cereal, then your coupon, your total due is now $2 plus tax. You then hand the cashier  your register reward, she scans it but the register will beep and they will tell you, that you can’t use it.  The reason is they count the Register Reward as a manufacturer coupon, as well as your $1 chex coupon……so your item coupon ratio is now 1 item 2 coupons.  To  get around this problem just grab a cheap filler item ( like a pack of gum)  your ratio is now 2/2 ( two items & two coupons) and you will be able to pay with your register reward.

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