Walmart Doorbuster “Map”

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In an attempt to make shopping easier for their customers, Walmart will be posting online a store “map.” On Thanksgiving Day, log on to, type in your zipcode and you will be directed to a map of your local store listing where doorbuster items will be located in the store. Two years ago, the baby dolls I was searching for were next to Health & Beauty products.=) Also, don’t forget that Walmart will price match any competitors ad. You need to have the competitor’s ad with you and it needs to be the day and time that the ad is good for to be able to price match.

For example, last year Toys R Us had a razor scooter for $17.99 the day after Thanksgiving. Well, the sale was good from 6a.m. – 11a.m. and that was the only item we wanted to purchase from Toys R Us. So we took the ad with us to Walmart (between 6a.m. and 11a.m.) snagged some of their doorbuster deals and also picked up a razor scooter. Walmart’s price was $35, but we got it for $17.99. Also, at Walmart that morning, they only had blue scooters and I was buying it for my daughter. So we went ahead and bought it and the next time I was at Walmart, we exchanged it for a pink one. Walmart will only price match an item that they carry. If the brand or product size is not the same, they won’t price match.

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