Walmart extra off Clearance Clothing

walmart logoWe found out from a reader that Walmart’s in the Treasure valley are giving an additional $1 off any clearance clothing item priced over $3 today & tomorrow.

Also Susan sent this email about Walmart in Ontario –

I was shopping at the Ontario, OR Wal-mart this morning and was checking out the toy clearance when an associate informed me that they were going to be marking down all the toys 50% of the current clearance price.  She did say that had just started this process and that it may take a while for them to get to everything but to just check with them before you head to the checkout to make sure the markdown was in the system.  Both associates were super helpful when I inquired about a few items.  I was able to get a Sesame Street Tickle Hands Elmo for $7.50- it’s regular price is $29.97!  I also got some great deals on sidewalk chalk and coloring accessories to stock up on.

I don’t know if all Boise area Wal-Mart stores are doing this clearance or not. The Ontario Wal-Mart had a TON of toy clearance (2 1/2 aisles) and the associate also said she had 3 more pallets of clearance in the back so it may be worth it to go and see what’s there if people are willing to drive a little bit.

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