Walmart Shopping Trip ~ $66.64 Worth Of Merchandise For $31.24

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walmart 11-2

See Tonya’s Walmart grocery trip.

She doesn’t have any stores that double coupons. She saves money by price matching & using coupons. She does not shop like a ‘normal shopper’,  since her freezers & pantry are both well stocked. This allows her to only shop for items on sale, fresh produce & fresh dairy on a weekly basis. Her grocery/stock up budget is $60 per week.  Any money left over is saved for the following week or used to buy produce from the Farmer’s Market. Tonya will be using vegetables & fruit that she home canned & froze during the summer. She has a fall garden started with lettuces, broccoli, carrots & spinach.

Today’s trip would have been $66.64 but only cost her $31.24 plus tax after coupons & price matching.

She saved $35.49.

Please note that not all items will be used in 1 week.  The items with ‘S’ beside them will stocked for future use.

PM – Price Match
S – Item will be stocked
D – Donation

  • (2) Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread – PM to $1.44 ea. – (reg. price $2.28 ea.)  $0.94 ea.  S/1
  • (2) Bailey’s creamer – PM to $1.29 ea. – (reg. price $1.88 ea.)
  • (2) Pop-Secret popcorn – PM to $1.64 ea. – (reg. price $2.28 ea.)  $0.64 ea.  S/2
  • Used (2)  $1.00 off any ONE (1) Pop-Secret Popcorn (this coupon has reset – print it again)
  • (2) Trix cereal – PM to $1.64 ea. – (reg. price $3.23 ea.)  $0.89 ea.  S/2
  • (2) Coke 2 lt. – PM to $0.99 – (reg. price $1.00 ea.)
  • Baby carrots 16 oz. – PM to $0.49 – (reg. price $1.48)
  • Romaine hearts 3 pk. – PM to $1.74 – (reg. price $2.38)
  • (2) Tombstone pizzas – PM to $2.49 – (reg. price $3.88 ea.) $1.49 ea.  S/2
  • Zesta saltine crackers – PM to $1.34 – (reg. price $1.98 ea.)  S
  • 3 lb. bag onions – PM to $0.89 – (reg. price $1.98
  • Fisher pecans 6 oz. – PM to $2.47 – (reg. price $4.42)  S
  •           5 lb. bag potatoes – PM to $1.49 (reg. price $3.98)
  • Great Value 2% milk – $3.83
  • (3) Schick disposable razors – $1.97  (Free)  D/3
  • Used (3) $3/1 Schick disposable razors SS 10/6
  • Skylanders Swap Force figure – $14.96 (son paid for with allowance earned & this was not included in budget)
  • Reach floss – $0.97  (Free) D
  • Frigo shredded Parmesan cheese – $2.18
  • Great Value trash bags – $3.97 (wanted to try this brand to see how the quality is)
  • walmart recpt 11-2


  1. Now… We are military, just wish they had a Walmart where we are currently stationed. Lol

  2. I wont put up with it. They have a job because of the customers. Without customers they would not have a job. And when ever i get a rude cashier. I will give them a chance right their to be a little nicer. If that does not work, I will finish buying my items. Then I walk up to customer service and talk to a manager. I will tell them right up front I do not want to get anyone into trouble, but you need to have a talk with them.

  3. You can price match & use coupons at Walmart. You can only price match items that are IN a store circular & these are stores that are local to YOUR area. I am in NC, so I can’t price match to Winco or Alberstons for example. I can only price match to stores in my area. ~ T

  4. People have bad days & they feel like it is their right to take it out on you sometimes. I always do my best to let it slide because in the end, I am getting the best deal & price for my money. ~ T

  5. Most of the time, my trips go smoothly. Every once in a while, I run into a rude cashier. Like this past trip when she asked me if I was going to price match everything in a very nasty tone. I just said “Not everything but almost. Thanks for being so patient with me.” ~ Tonya 🙂

  6. All of the stores I price matched to are Kroger, Harris Teeter, BI-LO & Winn Dixie. I’ll include the stores in my next trip if people would like to see the stores. ~ Tonya

  7. I only wish our Walmart was nice about price matching and coupons. I haven’t been in months because they always make me feel like I’m bothering them and sometimes the cashiers are so rude.

  8. I don’t get where her price matching came from..there are no stores listed A Thrifty Mom

  9. are they still being herpy derps about their coupons??I havent been there in months!…and my husband works there!!!!but after last time he refuses to try a coupon there for me,lol!!

  10. I am new to coupons. Can I use coupons and price matching at the same time? And how do I price match?

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