Walmart Shopping Trip – $73.87 Worth Of Merchandise For $43.43

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UPDATE:  Tonya’s Walmart store told her today that from now on, you MUST bring in your sales ads if you want to price match.

Be sure to check with your store before you go in case this is happening at every Walmart.

See Tonya’s Walmart grocery trip.

She doesn’t have any stores that double coupons.

She saves money by price matching & using coupons. She does not shop like a

‘normal shopper’,  since her freezers & pantry are both well stocked.

This allows her to only shop for items on sale, fresh produce & fresh dairy on a weekly basis.

Her grocery budget is $60 per week.  Any money left over is saved for the following week or used to buy produce from the Farmer’s Market.

She has a garden that helps her save money on fresh vegetables.

Her summer garden has almost come to an end, but she has a fall garden started with lettuces, broccoli, carrots & spinach.

Today’s trip would have been $73.78 but only cost her $43.43 plus tax after coupons & price matching.

She saved $30.44.

Please note that not all items will be used in 1 week.  The items with ‘S’ beside them will stocked for future use.

PM – Price Match

S – Item will be stocked

D – Donation

  • Zesta crackers – PM to Lowes $1.39 (reg. price $2.50)  S
  • (2) Lindt chocolate bars – PM to Kroger $2.00 (reg. price $2.98 ea.)  S/1  (free)
  • Lucky Charms – PM to BI-LO $1.99 (reg. price $2.98)  S
  • (2) Nature Valley granola bars – PM to BI-LO $1.99 ea. (reg. price $2.98 ea.)  S/2
  • Capri Sun 10 ct. – PM to Compare Save – $1.34  S
  • (2) Progresso soup – PM to Compare Save $1.22 (reg. price $1.48 ea.)  S/2
  • (2) Daisy sour cream 8 oz. – PM to Edward’s IGA $0.68 ea. (reg. price $1.34 ea.)  S/2
  • (3) PowerAde – PM to Compare Save $0.58 ea. (reg. price $0.80 ea.)  S/3
  • (2) Kraft dressing 16 oz. – PM to BI-LO $1.64 ea. (reg. price $1.98 ea.)  S/2
  • Used $1/2 Kraft Dressing Sept. All You magazine
  • Eight O’clock coffee – PM to Compare Save $3.49 (reg. price $4.98)
  • (2) Kraft big slice cheese – PM to Compare Save $1.99 ea. (reg. price $2.58 ea.)
  • Used $1/2 Kraft cheese coupon (NLA)
  • (2) Luck’s beans – PM to Food City $0.69 ea. (reg. price $0.94 ea.)  S/2
  • (3) Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup – PM to Kroger $0.75 ea.  S/2
  • (2) Yoplait YoCrunch Strawberry Parfait 4 ct. – PM to Harris Teeter $2.00 ea. (reg. price $2.58 ea.)
  • Gala apples 3.24 lbs. – PM to Compare Save $0.78 lb. (reg. price $1.98 lb.)
  • 5 lb. bag red potatoes – PM to Compare Save $1.88
  • (2) Coke 2 lt $1.00 ea.  S/1
  • International Delights creamer 32 oz. $3.18
  • Bailey’s Mudslide creamer $1.88
  • Great Value Cooking spray – $2.24
  • Skylanders Dog Tags – $2.98 (her son was with her & he asked very nicely if he could have them .  He even offered to use his own money.)
  • Eggs 1 dozen – $1.88

walmart recpt 10-5




  1. I so wish I knew how to do this! I used ONE coupon today and saved $3 dollars…haha, I felt like Super Woman. I can only imagine how I would feel saving this much!!

  2. I wish the staff at our Walmart was nicer. I haven’t been in months because they were always so rude when I price matched. Such a shame.

  3. My problem is that I don’t buy many things that there are coupons for. I actually found myself spending more. I actually focus more on staying out of grocery stores whenever possible.

  4. That’s a shame. It can really save you a lot of money. Sure you don’t want to try again? 🙂

  5. I don’t know off hand, but I will try to find out for you. I know you used to be able to use 40 coupons per transactions. I don’t know if that has changed. ~ Tonya

  6. I wish my Walmart had the clip board like that! I’m a little perturbed about having to have the ads with me from now on. I do good if I have enough sense to pick up everything on my list. 😉 ~ Tonya

  7. I need to learn how to coupon and get better at it, I use a few coupons here and there

  8. Our Walmart now has a clip board (on the pole with checkout number light thing) with all the local ads at every register. It makes it very convenient! If your a slacker like me you can check the ads when you check out to see if there is anything to price match. lol

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