Walmart Shopping Trip – $87.75 Worth Of Merchandise For $42.42

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See Tonya’s Walmart grocery trip.

She doesn’t have any stores that double coupons.

She saves money by price matching & using coupons. She does not shop like a

‘normal shopper’,  since her freezers & pantry are both well stocked.

This allows her to only shop for items on sale, fresh produce & fresh dairy on a weekly basis.

Her grocery budget is $60 per week.  Any money left over is saved for the following week or used to buy produce from the Farmer’s Market.

She also has a garden that helps her save money on fresh vegetables.

Today’s trip would have been $87.75 but only cost her $42.42 plus tax after coupons & price matching.

She saved $45.33!!

PM – Price Match

S – Item will be stocked

D – Donation

  • (4) Bic Pens 10 ct. -(reg. price $0.97)  free  S/2 D/2
  • Used (4) $1/1 Bic products SS 8/4
  • (4) Palmolive – PM to Compare Save $0.85 ea. (reg. price $1.18 ea.)  $0.35 ea.  S/4
  • Used (4) $0.50/1 Palmolive SS 7/28
  • (4) Mentos gum – PM to Compare Save $1.00 ea. (reg. price $1.28 ea.) free S/2 – D/2
  • Used (4) $1/1 Mentos gum SS 8/4
  • (3) Gillette ProGlide Shave Prep – PM to Kroger $1.99 (reg. price $2.97) free  S/2 – D/1
  • Used (3) $2/1 Gillette Shave Prep PG 7/28
  • (2) Cadbury ice cream bars 8 ct. – PM to Harris Teeter $2.59 ea. (reg. price $3.27 ea.) $1.84 ea.  S/1
  • Used (2) $0.75/1 Cadbury ice cream bars email coupon
  • Character Band-Aids 25 ct. – PM to Harris Teeter $2.00 (reg. price $2.97) $1.50  S
  • Used $0.50/1 Band-Aids coupon SS 7/28
  • (2) Barilla pasta – PM to Kroger $1.00 ea. (reg. price $1.28 ea.)  $0.50 ea.  S/2
  • Used $0.75/2 Barilla pasta (no longer available)
  • (2) Activia 4 ct. – PM to Harris Teeter $2.00 ea. (reg. price $2.18 ea.) $1.00 ea.  S/2  (freeze them for pops)
  • Used (2) $1/1 Activia SS 8/4
  • (2) YoCrunch Trail Mix yogurt – PM to Harris Teeter $2.00 each (reg. price $2.28 ea.) $0.50 ea.
  • Used (2) $1.50/1 YoCrunch Trail Mix   (printed my limit, not sure if it is still available)
  • (4) Nature Valley Granola bars – PM to Food City $1.49 ea. (reg. price $2.98 ea.) $0.99 ea.  S/2
  • Used (4) $0.50/1 Nature Valley gran. bars SS 8/4
  • Fruit Loops – PM to Harris Teeter – $1.94
  • (3) Coke 2 lt. – PM to Compare Save $0.88 (reg. price $1.38 ea.)  S/3
  • Crisco Canola Oil 48 oz. – PM to Carlie C’s $2.59 (reg. price $3.28)  S
  • (2) PowerAde – PM to Food City $0.67 ea. (reg. price $0.80 ea.)
  • Bisquick 20 oz. – PM to Lowes $2.00 (reg. price $2.38)  $1.50
  • Bananas 3.36 lb. – PM to Compare Save $0.44 p/lb. – (reg. price $0.57 p/lb.)
  • Balsamic vinegar – $2.78
  • Mama Francesca grated cheese – $2.98
  • Used $1/1 Mama Francesca Aug. All You
  • Breakstone sour cream 16 oz. – $1.78 (forgot to PM to Kroger $0.99)
  • (2) Great Value potted meal – $0.38 ea.  S
  • International Delights creamer 16 oz. – $1.88
  • Great Value milk 1/2 gal. – $2.58
  • Eggs – $1.88
  • Great Value tortillas – $1.28


meat 8-4

Tonya had $14.86 left from her grocery trip last week.

She used $8.45 of it on meat.  The ground beef was packaged & frozen in 3 separate bags for 3 meals for her family.

The pork tenderloin will be used for dinner on another night.

meat recp 8-4

She still has $6.23 left for dairy, meat or fresh fruit throughout the week if it is needed.

green beans & peaches

Green beans – free from garden

(2) Peaches – free from peach tree


(2) tomatoes – free from garden

cantaloupe garden

Cantaloupe – free from garden


walmart recp 8-9

8 thoughts on “Walmart Shopping Trip – $87.75 Worth Of Merchandise For $42.42”

  1. Jill Hunter

    My WalMart had their summer stuff deeply discounted. The very nice pool towels were down to $3 and the pools were over half off. I got a 15′ diameter one for $100. They come with the cover, ground tarp, skimmer and filter. Original price was $299.

  2. Sherri Kidwell

    Walmart should have them, but you should take them anyway.
    She did good. I won’t buy meat or produce at Walmart tho.

  3. Emily Millsaps Thomas

    When you PM do you have to have the other stores ad? Or does Walmart have the ad?

  4. A Thrifty Mom

    I’m sorry to hear that. I understand about not liking change. I am not fond of change either. Walmart isn’t as bad as people make it out to be (as far as price matching goes). The majority of the time everything goes off without a hitch for me. Once in a while I hit a bump in the road with someone being rude or not knowing the policy. Everyone has off days, so I take it & go on about my business. 🙂 ~ T

  5. Deanna Landers-Vealey

    In my market Giant eagle, Kroger and Meijer still double. Meijer will stop in Aug 25th which is a main store for me. So If they all stop I will have to change where and how I shop. So I can see more and more people adapting to the price matching more because it is the only other way to get the best price.

  6. A Thrifty Mom

    I don’t have any stores around my area that double, so price matching have been a huge money saver for me. ~ Tonya

  7. Deanna Landers-Vealey

    I really think more people will be price matching do to all the changes with doubling that is going on right now. I told my husband I have never had to change how I shop. However I think its in everyone’s future. Change is horrible and when you have alot of change at once its going to make it alittle more complicated.

  8. Do you PM just so your not having to run store to store? I might just have to try this my Kroger does not double anymore, and I have not found another way to save. My walmart is so bus,y do you shop at certain times just to avoid the  crowds, or does it not take them that much longer to PM everything. I have never done this before, but after reading your post a few times it obviously works and saves you lots of money, and Im all for that 🙂

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