Walmart Stock Up Trip ~ $43.34 Worth of Merchandise For $24.13

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walmart 11-30

See Tonya’s Walmart trip.

She doesn’t have any stores that double coupons. She saves money by price matching & using coupons. She does not shop like a ‘normal shopper’,  since her freezers & pantry are both well stocked. This allows her to only shop for items on sale, fresh produce & fresh dairy on a weekly basis. Her grocery/stock up budget is $60 per week.  Any money left over is saved for the following week or used to buy produce & meats on Sunday. Tonya will be using vegetables & fruit that she home canned & froze during the summer.

Today’s trip would have been $43.39 but only cost her $24.13 plus tax after coupons & price matching.

She saved $12.99.

Please note that not all items will be used in 1 week.  The items with ‘S’ beside them will stocked for future use

PM – Price Match
S – Item will be stocked
D – Donation

  • 1 gal. milk – PM to Harris Teeter $2.50 store brand – (reg. price $3.98)
  • (4) Hefty Storage/Freezer bags – PM to Harris Teeter BOGO $1.49 = $0.75 ea. – (reg. price $1.96 ea.)  $0.25 ea.  S/4
  • Used (2) $1/2 Hefty storage bags RP 11/10
  • International Delight creamer 32 oz. – PM to $2.50 (reg. price $3.18)
  • (2) Frosted Flakes & (1) Krave – PM to $1.79 (reg. price $3.38 ea.) $1.47 ea.  S/2
  • Used $1/3 Kellogg’s cereal
  • Charmin Basic 12 roll toilet paper – PM to Lowes $3.99 (reg. price $4.97) $3.74  S
  • Used $0.25/1 Charmin PG 10/27
  • Bounty Paper Towels 6 roll – PM to Lowes $3.99 (reg. price $5.97) $3.74  S
  • Used $0.25/1 Bounty PG 10/27  OR $0.50 off 6-pk. or larger Bounty paper towels
  • Eggs 1 doz. – PM to Harris Teeter $1.25 (reg. price $1.88)
  • Ammo 20 gauge 25 ct. – $6.77 (not included in budget)
  • (3) Coke 2 lt. – $0.75 ea. on rollback (reg. price $1.00 ea.)  S/2

walmart recpt 11-30


  1. Talk about reading too much into things. Wow. I apologize for my lack of punctuation. I meant the whole thing/thread was getting crazy in the way some people say “holy cow”.
    But what I read was this…. “wholesales violence” Sams does wholesales(discounts for bulk buys). So I suppose, to my slightly less educated than you (I’m putting myself in that “you all” group you mentioned), wholesales to me, means a discount or sale. Walmart doesn’t wholesale. At least not here at mine. So thats where the sale comment came in.
    And to the whole thread I still say “wow. Unexpected… not crazy”

  2. Thank you Tonya for realizing that I was in no way attacking you or your purchase nor your right to feed your family. It’s unfortunate no one actually read what I was saying and just assumed I was against guns because I was speaking to a point close to my heart. I care for children as my career and substitute at a preschool. I want those children safe. I want all children and innocent adults for that matter to be allowed to walk the streets safely. We have enough to worry about without Walmart making it so easy for those in our society who don’t share most of our moral values to carry out their evil deeds. I did not expect such a visceral response and an attack on my person. Amy called me crazy and I hadn’t even mentioned a sale, merely that they’re available. I appreciate that you go to the gun shop. I would love it if every gun owner had to do the same. It would make salacious individuals easier to track. I’m glad I’m so positive otherwise my feelings might actually be hurt by the lack of understanding. I hadn’t seen your comment earlier but I thank you for it now Tonya. At least you understand I was in no way bashing your right to feed your family. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.

  3. I will repeat for you people again: I never said to ban guns. I just questioned why years after Columbine Walmart hadn’t made different decisions. You sound dumb every time you mention anything other than the actual point, Matt, but thanks for trying.

  4. It’s extremely different than a hammer or stilletto heel, Matt. I was so tempted to call you Idiot as though it was your name. Would 20 children have been killed from a single hammer or would they have run away? When is a stiletto heel more frightening than a shotgun pointed at your face? How many pepople can you kill in a bathtub? How much strength does it take to beat someone to death? How much to squeeze a trigger? That’s why this converstation is so limited on your end. Known of you think before you type. You’re so scared of someone taking your precious guns you’re not thinking of the safety of your own children when they’re not with you. The points you all have brought up: knives, bath tubs? Am I talking to intellectually competent adults? This is the best reason why anyone should be able to buy weapons from Walmart? They just sell shotgun cartridges. And for anyone who purchased their bullets at a gun show can now reload at the grocery store. How do you know they plan to hunt for food and not for victim? I’d be embarrassed to know any of you personally.

  5. Who said ban, Becky and
    Matt. It’s like you just type and the your brain thinks. Just make it harder for crazy people to buy weapons. Damn you people are a new level of dumb. You’re so afraid of losing your guns or driving your lazy ass to the ammo store like common sense dictates. Why does it have to be Walmart’s mission to sell “bullets, cartridges, weapons”? We don’t have to ban things that responsible people use. We need to take preventative measures to protect our families from those who don’t all think like Tonya. Not everybody went to Walmart thinking about hunting game. It’s literally that simple. I’m not bashing Tonya so all the arguments have been misdirected. She may very well be a great person and excellent marksman. Perhaps the next person who bought cartridges at Walmart planned to hunt something other than dinner. That’s my only point. You’re all really very naive.

  6. This is why children get killed by random lunatics. People are more concerned with the money they can save on soda which is detrimental to health. Coca Cola is linked to heart disease and obesity and can cause ulcers. I’m glad to know the caliber of intelligence I’ve been dealing with. No wonder I sound like a scholar and you all sound like you’re in middle school recess. Good to know your priorities are in order nearly a year after Newtown. I pray if ever I only pass through the backwoods areas you call home. Quickly. I can only imagine how enraged you must be that someone “different” consistently makes valid, intellectually competent arguments. I can’t wait to one day publish this lack of conversation in my manifesto so others can see the drivel the enlightened at times face. I have no doubt it would only bore you all with the large words and detailed subject matter. I’m sure Dr. Seuss has something more your speed.

  7. And yes, Matt. There wasn’t a movie theater massacre, school shooting, mall shooting, office building shooting every few months until recent years. Unless you lived a different life than I and most people who pay attention to world around them, things are getting worse where guns are concerned. Unless of course you think dressing in full assault gear and shooting people with semi automatic weapons is a good idea. You all act like I accused Tonya of plotting mass murder. I was talking about Walmart from the very first comment. What she chooses to buy is always her right. What they choose to sell should be the concern. You all need to take several seats and untwist your panties, it ain’t that deep.

  8. Why are you referencing only legal purchases? I made the point of gun buying being difficult when you don’t purchase items from a superstore along with your eggs and bath items. You don’t all have to feel as though your guns are in danger of being removed. If you’re sane and have a reasonable reason for your gun and “cartridges”, congratulations. There are those who do not share the same qualities. Even a dunce would have recognized in all of my comments that I wasn’t referring to Tonya feeding her family through the winter. I’m Native American, I get hunting. It’s the ease of access to deadly weapons in our current climate that I thought would facilitate an intelligible discussion. It’s unfortunate you’re all so defensive. I only hope you are never in an area with someone unstable, totting Walmart sponsored weapons. As I said Columbine is a perfect example of ease of access. I’m so glad to be done talking with you all and luckily the people I know with common sense got a good laugh out of many of your comments. It’s nice to feel superior every once in a while. I’m so glad to be from New York where common sense is acquired from conception.

  9. She didn’t lock up the guns because she gave them to Adam. Acting as though you are all the only people who shop at Walmart is where the selfishness lies. I hope you all enjoy your holiday season safely.

  10. I’ve officially stopped caring about the difference between a bullet and a cartridge. My actual life happens to be more interesting than arguing about Walmart’s dealings with guns. I’m glad your family will be fed Tonya.

  11. I went to Winn Dixie yesterday and only grabbed the stuff I needed that was on sale – B1G1 and regular markdowns. Before they swiped my customer card and my $5 off coupon, my total was $181 and change. I paid $96 and change.

  12. Obviously, you haven’t tried to purchase a gun lately. They are not as easy to get as they were many years ago. You have to fill out tons of paperwork, they do a background check, there is a waiting period AND you have to have permit to own one.

  13. in recent years? you live in new york.. guns and violence is NOT a recent thing! its the recent thing in lack of morals and love for others that has caused this..look at chicago.. highest gun ban area in the nation.. yet it has the highest gun violence rates! and new york is right there with chicago.. with gun laws and gun violence.. there is a nation wide ban on drugs too, yet you see them all the time..

  14. Thus the point of making it harder to buy them. Unless everyone who buys bullets thinks as you do as any recent shooting will prove. Feed your family but don’t justify making it easy for crazy people to do evil things.

  15. Amber your judgement of selfishness is totally inappropriate.. its not the item that caused the harm it was the enabling mother who didnt lock up the weapons.. and then he would of used a bat and a knife.. maybe we should ban those?

  16. No different then the pumpkin and the hammer you have on your facebook banner – Pamela – i can name quite a few deaths – very grievous ones and rampages based on hammers.. its not the item used its the user.. maybe we should ban hammers?.. And there have been grievous murders with spoons too.. put a gun on a table and nothing happens the gun is an inanimate object. the same with a knife, or fork or bat or hammer or the stiletto of a woman’s heel, all can be and have been used as weapons.. but did those items do it or did the person holding it do it? If people actually looked up the number of shootings by decade, there has been no more now then then the 90’s or 80’s.. its just now social media like facebook and twitter have spread the false rumors and the gossip mill runs rampant..

  17. Wow! Lynette, that was dumb. I’m not the potential threat, Brainless. The point isnt’ the normal people buying bullets, it’s the psychos. Gosh for people raising children you’re all pretty selfish.

  18. I smh to the idea that you are the only two people who shop at Walmart. The boys who targeted Columbine shopped there too. They were crazy people. Not me, smart enough to care about someone other than myself. Keep your name calling exclusive to the mirror.

  19. Did I mention a sale or the actual price? You all pick lame arguments instead of using common sense. I feel saddened by your acceptance of current gun conditions. Maybe if your child went to Newtown you wouldn’t be so selfish.

  20. Just for clarification, the ammo bought was shotgun shells not bullets. A shotgun shell is a single cartridge lead shot that is fired from a shotgun. Unless you know your weapons & clearly you do not, your entire argument has been based off of misinformation. Saying ‘bullet’ when it’s actually a cartridge, is incorrect. This shell does not have the same components as a bullet fired from a rifle or handgun. Now you at least know that much & you can make an informed, educated comment next time. Unfortunately, there are too many people out there that do not have the knowledge they need on firearms of any kind to even make a comment in the first place.

  21. Sometimes my store will price match the store brand IF I have the ad with me. Which I did this time. Sometimes they won’t. I take my chances because I will be buying them both anyway. ~ Tonya

  22. LOL!!! I failed. I’m not a Dr. Pepper drinker. I am SO ashamed!! My hubby lives for Coca Cola though. 🙂

  23. Ingard… our Walmart won’t match store brands OR bogo. 🙁 It will match the rest tho. Although it’s been a while since I tried. I’ll ask again now!

  24. I’m more concerned about that Coca Cola than the ammo. Come on, there MUST have been some Doctor Pepper available! 😉

  25. Exactly!! People should be more grossed out by the meat they buy in grocery stores than wild game they hunt themselves. At least you know where it came from, that it wasn’t processed with harmful chemicals & it was FREE. ~ Tonya

  26. I fell out laughing watching Sleep Hollow the other night. They were talking about thanksgiving and Ichabod says “Turkey? There was no turkey! We had venison. And pheasants” LOL

  27. Actually, ammo has gone way up in price compared to what it used to be. They weren’t a discounted price. Walmart had nothing to do with my purchase of ammo. I purchase it at gun shops, too. I just happened to find some in stock for a change. I am very responsible with fire arms. I take it seriously. Thank you for your concern Amber. 🙂 ~ Tonya

  28. Guns don’t kill people. Neither do knives, axes, ammo etc. People kill people!

  29. That’s the same thing we do Amy. We supplement w/ wild game. I know some people may be against it, but back in the pioneer days, there were no grocery store. Where do people think food came from then??? ~ Tonya

  30. I don’t plan to shoot plates out of the sky. I actually plan to hunt with the ammo. ~ Tonya

  31. Hi, this is Tonya, the girl that bought the ammo. I didn’t hide the ammo from my post because I don’t feel like there is anything wrong with it. I shoot on a regular basis. I may use it for shooting cans or hmm, more likely hunting. I have a hunting license, I enjoy hunting & it provides food for my family. I live on 40+ acres of land with NO houses around for miles. 🙂

  32. Amber, you have knives in your kitchen right? Or do you use a spoon to cut your food?

  33. You are right, we need more people like Amy, Sarah, and others who recognize their right’s as citizens living in America in 2013. I would say it is fairly ignorant to think that only in recent years it has been shown to cause harm to things other then animals. The problem is that in recent years we have people who have no self control. Thankfully, people who are responsible, smart, and wise are able to get discounts on anything that they should choose to buy.

  34. Lets say that for instance if the milk is on sale at the other store is the store brand then price matching the Walmart brand is what I have done in the past.

  35. It’s important to note that Adam Lanza’s mother bought bullets for recreation as well. Adam used them for target practice at first…Tell me was this the only public shooting this decade or have they been increasing while security measures have decreased. Naivete is not a quality one should aim to acquire.

  36. We supplement our groceries with deer and wild hog. Ammo is a normal shopping thing around here. ALSO, should we fancy a walk in the woods, the guns come along. Wild hogs and deer are not as friendly or cute as postcards make them seem. I’d rather face a mugger then a wild hog if I am unarmed. Hope you can climb trees real quick. Smh.

  37. Thank you for posting the Ammo. It reminded me that I need to add that to my list of things to buy. Now I know where to go to get it cheap!!

  38. She’s not the only person who will ever buy bullets from Walmart for $7. If you’e comfortable with that I suggest you buy some bullet proof clothes.

  39. It’s sad to think that an item used to cause physical harm to human or animal is somehow anything but violent. Unless she planned to shoot cans, it’s a violent item. She’s not the only person who purchased bullets from Walmart. Were they planning to use them to shoot plates out of the sky? Sad but true the world is not full of people who only intend to use items as they weren’t purposed. History will tell you why guns and bullets were made. It’s odd to think it would be anything less than violence. Even if you use an axe to cut down a tree for firewood it’s still a violent item that could easily be used for other purposes.

  40. She may very well need bullets to sustain her family. My knock is not at a mother’s needs. I’m referring to the discount one can receive on an item that has in recent years been shown to cause harm and violence to things other than animals who don’t tend to need hunting in 2013 America. I was making a blanket statement about Walmart’s values. There are ammo shops where you can buy bullets as well but it would probably be more difficult. For those whose intentions might not be that great this holiday season it would be nice to know they don’t have another option. You don’t have to be averse to an opinion because it isn’t wholly positive. I do hope that this person is responsible with her bullets. There are some who are not.

  41. Question about the Price Match….How do you price match Produce, Eggs Milk etc with Walmart? Their policy says it has to be the same Brand, Color, etc? Thanks!

  42. When fuel is almost $4, I am very happy Walmart price matches. All other stores in my area, are very much higher in their overall regular prices.

  43. Why does ammo instantly mean violence??? How about hunting to provide food for your family, or target practice as a hobby, or just simply having it in your possession to protect your family if heaven forbid it was ever needed?

  44. And people will always have something to complain about. Great job on the shopping trip Sarah! Thanks for helping me save so much money!

  45. Wow. Ammo was included in this shopping trip and it was less than seven dollars for 25 bullets. Walmart even wholesales violence.

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