Walmart Stock Up Trip ~ $59.10 Worth Of Merchandise For $33.07

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walmart 10-19

See Tonya’s Walmart stock up trip.

She doesn’t have any stores that double coupons.

She saves money by price matching & using coupons. She does not shop like a

‘normal shopper’,  since her freezers & pantry are both well stocked.

This allows her to only shop for items on sale, fresh produce & fresh dairy on a weekly basis.

Her grocery/stock up budget is $60 per week.  Any money left over is saved for the following week or used to buy produce from the Farmer’s Market.

Tonya will be using vegetables & fruit that she home canned & froze during the summer.

She will also be getting a bushel of fresh apples brought back from the mountains from a friendFREE!!!

She has a fall garden started with lettuces, broccoli, carrots & spinach.

Today’s trip would have been $59.10 but only cost her $33.07 plus tax after coupons & price matching.

She saved $26.03.

Please note that not all items will be used in 1 week.  The items with ‘S’ beside them will stocked for future use.

PM – Price Match

S – Item will be stocked

D – Donation

  • (4) Prego pasta sauce – PM to Harris Teeter $1.47 ea. (limit 4) – (reg. price $1.98 ea.) =  $1.27 ea.  S/4
  • Used (2) $0.40/2 Prego SS #2 9/8
  • (2) No Yolk noodles 12 oz. – PM to Harris Teeter $1.39 ea. – (reg. price $2.28 ea.)  S/2
  • (2) Malt-O-Meal cereal – PM to BI-LO $1.00 ea. – (reg. price $2.58 ea.)  S/2
  • Little Debbie oatmeal crème pies – PM to BI-LO $1.25 – (reg. price $1.88)
  • (4) TastyKake pecan swirls – PM to BI-LO $1.49 ea. – (reg. price $2.28 ea.)  $0.49 ea.  S/1  & 2 for in-laws
  • Used (4) $1/1 TastyKake SS 8/25
  • (2) Blue Bonnet margarine – PM to Carlie C’s $0.69 ea. – (reg. price $0.92 ea.)  S/2
  • (2) Maxwell House coffee – PM to Kroger $5.99 ea. (reg. price $7.98 ea.)  S/1
  • Wheaties – PM to Kroger $1.99 (reg. price $3.38)  S
  • Used $0.75/1 Wheaties SS 10/16
  • Capri Sun Roaring Waters – PM to Winn Dixie $1.79 (reg. price $2.25)  S for school
  • Kraft American cheese 16 ct. – PM to Kroger $1.88 (reg. price $2.98)
  • Skittles – PM to Winn Dixie $1.74 (reg. price $2.27)  D for school
  • Minute Maid OJ 59 oz. – PM to Food Lion $0.99 (reg. price $2.98)
  • Skylanders SwapForce Hoot Loop – $14.96 (son paid for with birthday money) not figured into budget

walmart recpt 10-19


  1. All you get here are hassles.I only have one where I rarely have an issues. They act like you’re some kind of criminal at most of them.

  2. It is by trial and error to find some top notch cashiers. I have found three great cashiers at my local Walmart that will take my coupons and price matching easily. When I am ready to check out, I look for one of them, even if I have to wait in line. 🙂

  3. Some people like Walmart, some people don’t. For the most part, I never have any problems price matching or using coupons. Once in a while I run into a snag but not often enough to deter me from shopping there. ~ T

  4. There are a few things I’ll buy there because they are cheaper but most stuff I go elsewhere i can even price match at Petssmart for my cat food so I have no need to buy much at Walmart anymore.

  5. It’s a try it free rebate. If you don’t love it, they will refund your purchase price. 🙂

  6. Yes, I’m lucky that way. I have several stores within 5 miles of my house.

  7. That’s the great thing about having lots of different grocery stores, you can shop wherever you want. 🙂 ~ Tonya

  8. I won’t use coupons at Walmart or Price Match all they do is give me a hassle. I can do just as well at Fry’s as Walamart with my coupons and no hassles.

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