Walmart Stock Up Trip – $87.89 Worth Of Merchandise For $55.63

walmart 10-11

See Tonya’s Walmart grocery trip.

She doesn’t have any stores that double coupons.

She saves money by price matching & using coupons. She does not shop like a

‘normal shopper’,  since her freezers & pantry are both well stocked.

This allows her to only shop for items on sale, fresh produce & fresh dairy on a weekly basis.

Her grocery budget is $60 per week.  Any money left over is saved for the following week or used to buy produce from the Farmer’s Market.

Tonya will be using vegetables & fruit that she home canned & froze during the summer from her garden & fruit trees.

She has a fall garden started with lettuces, broccoli, carrots & spinach.

Today’s trip would have been $87.89 but only cost her $55.63 plus tax after coupons & price matching.

She saved $32.26.

Please note that not all items will be used in 1 week.  The items with ‘S’ beside them will stocked for future use.

PM – Price Match

S – Item will be stocked

D – Donation

  • (2) Coke 12 packs cans – PM to Harris Teeter $1.97 ea. limit 2 (reg. price $4.28 ea.)  S/2
  • (3) Chicken Helper – PM to $0.99 (reg. price $1.38 ea.) $0.49 ea.  S/3
  • Used (3) $0.50/1 Chicken Helper 9/22 SS
  • Finish Gel Caps 20 ct. – PM to Harris Teeter $2.89 (reg. price $3.97)  S
  • Maxwell House 11 oz. – PM to $2.19 (reg. price $3.69)  S
  • (3) Del Monte Tomatoes – PM to Kroger $0.67 ea. wyb 10 participating items (reg. price $0.98 ea.)  S/3
  • (5) Chef Boyardee – PM to Kroger $0.67 ea. wyb 10 participating items (reg. price $1.29 ea.)  S/5
  • (3) Starkist tuna 5 oz. – PM to Kroger $0.67 ea. wyb 10 participating items (reg. price $1.00 ea.)  S/3
  • (2) Progresso Soup – PM to $0.80 ea. (reg. price $1.48 ea.)  S/2
  • (2) Hormel Chicken – PM to Compare Save $1.69 ea. (reg. price $2.28 ea.)  S/2
  • Used $1/2 Hormel chicken SS 9/8
  • (2) Bailey’s Red Velvet Cupcake creamer – PM to Harris Teeter $1.29 (reg. price $1.98)
  • Used (1) $0.75 off Any One (1) Baileys Coffee Creamers (couldn’t find other coupon)
  • International Delight creamer – PM to Kroger $2.58 (reg. price $3.18)
  • (4) YoCrunch Yogurt cups – $0.60 ea.
  • Used (4) $0.25/1 YoCrunch yogurt cups SS 9/28
  • Barilla pasta sauce – PM to BI-LO $1.44 (reg. price $1.98)  S/1
  • Cracker Barrel chunk cheese – PM to Lowes $2.00 (reg. price $3.47)
  • Whole pineapple – PM to Kroger $1.50 (reg. price $2.50)
  • Bananas 1.30 lbs. – PM to Aldi $0.44 lb. (reg. price $0.57 lb.)
  • Angel Soft 12 dbl. roll – PM to Lowes $4.99 (reg. price $5.97)  S
  • All Oxy 33 load – PM to Kroger $2.99 (reg. price $4.97)  S
  • Used $1/1 All RP 9/29
  • Great Value Flour tortillas – $1.08
  • Sara Lee cheesecake – $3.97 (husband put in cart … ugh)
  • Cheerios – PM to Kroger $1.99 (reg. price $2.98)  S
  • Used $1/1 Multi-Grain or Peanut Butter Cheerios peelie found on package
  • (2) Domino Brown Sugar 1 lb. box – $1.00 ea.  S/2
  • Used $0.50/2 Domino sugar 1 lb. RP 9/8
  • (2) Libby vegetable – $0.65 ea.  S
  • Libby sliced carrots – $0.84  S
  • Great Value Chicken broth – $0.92
  • Milky Way bar – $0.68 (son put in cart)
  • Coke 2o oz. – $1.59 (husband put in cart)



  1. its rubbish! they have way more exciting things in USA and Canada. Plus you can get washi tape over there realy cheap – its mega here! rant over!

  2. Mine usually goes very smoothly to, It’s usually the newer employees that have a hard time with it. So I always try to go when I know my fav cashier is working he is the best!

  3. It’s totally worth it if you don’t want to make a lot of different trips. It really isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Sure, there are times when you run into the wrong cashier & that can be aggravating but for the most part, my trips go rather smoothly.

  4. That is a great idea! My Walmart can be a little …. hmm … wishy washy sometimes. It depends on who is working & what side of the bed they got up on whether they even price match at all that day. Sometimes they price match within a 50 mile radius & another day it might be an 8 mile radius. Having that guarantee is a life saver (& a headache solver). I know when things happen like that it is NOT ‘Walmarts’ fault though. It is the person, not the entire company that can be difficult to deal with. ~ T

  5. Good for you getting the other military wives to price match, too!!! That’s awesome. 🙂

  6. I print out their ad match guarantee from their head quarters website then they can’t argue just keep it with your list or coupon book Ive had issues in the past

  7. I Love wal mart i price match and it always saves me a ton of money and along the way in the stores I see people and tell them to price match to save money I have all the other military wives doing the same thing

  8. Not all of my trips go off without a hitch either. I run into a snag once in a while. Last week, they told me I HAD to have the ads with me to price match & this week they didn’t say anything about that. It depends on the mood of the person checking you out on how your trip goes. I always try to be polite, smile & say thank you. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. ~ Tonya

  9. I would rather go from store to store than to ever have to deal with WalMart.. They are not cooperative around here..

  10. That’s true! Plus you don’t have to go to 3 – 4 different stores wasting time & gas.

  11. I love price matching and coupons …doesn’t matter who is having a sale bc Walmart is having the same one!

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