Walmart Stocking Stuffer Challenge

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I was contacted by Walmart and asked if I would like to participate in “The Perfect Stocking”  challenge for under $25.  Sounded like fun, so I took the challenge.  I have already been saving items all year long, to put in my little ones stockings. So I already had a good start, but I needed a few things to top them off.  That gave me about $6.25 for each of my kids, not a lot to work with…but I was pretty excited with what I came up with.


I was able to get 20 items for a grand total of $21.58 plus $1.48 tax =$23.06 ($1.94 under budget, darn I should have grabbed a few more things…LOL)


Did you know Walmart has Faded Glory gloves for only $1.00 and they come in a TWO PACK…so that is $.50 a pair.  (Very thrifty price).  I bought a 3 pack chocolate Santa, and plan to give each stocking a Santa, making them only $.33 each!  In the toy department, on the back wall next to playing cards I found a simple video game for only $1.00, that Matthew is going to love!

In the Christmas area of the store, I was able to find TONS of $1.00 items for my girls.  The best part is many of them were name brands, or logos my daughters adore, like Disney princess lip gloss cell phone, Tinker bell makeup watch.  They also had all kinds of fun lip gloss, and hair clips.  I  got them each a nail polish, that came with accessory’s.


My son loves rocket balloons, this pack was only $1.00.  I was also able to get them each a Holiday Pez for $1.00 each.


Baby Maveric already has a few baby toys for his stocking, and lets admit it…..he is 9 months old.  So he is happy to unwrap ANYTHING right now his favorite thing is rice cereal so that is what I got him. Used a BOGO coupon on them and got both boxes for $1.50 each (normally $3 each).  For Matthew I got a cars combo pack for only $2.00 inside is a 42 piece puzzle, card game and bingo game…making each game only $.66 each.

Last but not least cereal from Santa.  I told you all in this post, how Santa always brought me cereal as a little girl.  We do the same thing for my kids, now but they are not real excited being that it is something they always have.  SO this year, I decided to give them a mini box of cereal in their stocking.  I got this 8 pack for $2.48.  My kids have asked me before if they could have the little boxes and I always told them no….so I thought this would we a fun little treat for them.

Thanks to Walmart for the $25 gift card, and the chance to take part in this $25 perfect stocking challenge.


While I was there I did pick up a few things I needed.  Thought I would post them to keep my budget review current.  Only coupon used was the Gerber BOGO. Which saved me $3.00, total spend was $11.84


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