Watch a local race Frugal Family Fun ~ IronMan

This weekend Matt’s little sister came to visit, her boyfriend Brian was participating in the IronMan triathlon in Boise.  I have never been to a race like this (watched a few on tv, but that does not count).  But we wanted to be supportive, the kids had a fun making signs and getting ready to cheer him on.  Due to bad weather we did not see the swimming portion but saw the bikes and runners.

Sure we were there to cheer on Brian, but in such a long race you have to wait around a LONG time for those few seconds to cheer your racer on.  I was worried the kids may get bored.  But they had a blast, they were so excited and cheered and clapped for every racer that ran by us!  My oldest son has a hard focusing, but you would think he was at Disneyland.  Holding his “Move It, Move It” sign he was there with a smile to give encouragement to keep on going!

These athletes were amazing  they came in every shape and size, young and old… one of them 82 years old and he ran with a smile.  They were in a 70.3 mile race, inspiring YES…. made me feel a little lazy YES. (But not enough to make me want to go 70.3 miles lol)  It started out as just an event to take the kids to so we could be supportive, but now I think it is going to be something we make a tradition!  Best part  is the event was FREE to watch, we packed a lunch used some Jamba Juice Coupons for a special treat and had an amazing day with the kids!

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