Be a Backyard Detective ~ Activities to do with kids this summer

Be a Backyard Detective ~ Activities to do with kids this summer

 My kids are on summer break from school.  My goal is to allow them to  have fun this summer but also learn, to be creative and grow in ways the “classroom” does not allow.  The last thing I want them to say is “I spent the summer watching tv”.  All though they would love to if I let them :).  We went to the dollar store and bought some magnifying glasses , they came in a 2 count  pack so only $.50 each.

They LOVE them, they look at everything from each others tongues, hair on their arms to the fibers on the carpet.  But they REALLY love to explore outside.  They walk around  being backyard detectives and looking at the world a little closer!

They notice that the dirt is not just a brown patch we walk on, instead there are tiny rocks, sticks and even bugs.  They love to watch the ant trails and watch to see where they go, what they carry and how many there are.

They notice the different way plants look some are fuzzy while others smooth. They also noticed the rain left on the leaves of the plants in our garden after a early morning thunderstorm.  I love to watch them explore the world around them.  It is a simple, frugal but fun activity that my kids will enjoy over and over.

Melissa & Doug Mombo Snake Magnifying Glass

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