Waterproof Shower Bathtub Bluetooth Portable Speaker

bluetooth shower speakerSplash Shower Tunes Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Shower Speaker Portable Speakerphone (Blue) By FreshETech

As low as $18.50 and free shipping
FreshETech “Splash Shower Tunes” Bluetooth Shower Speaker, is the Original and only Shower Speaker compatible with most Smartphones.

* Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
* Listen to your favorite song while in the shower
* Control all functions on the speaker: Skip, Play, or Volume Control
* Answer an incoming call
waterproof bluetooth speaker
Did you ever wish you could listen to you favorite tunes while showering and still be able to control all the functions without having to step out of the shower?
Now with FreshETech “Splash Shower Tunes” you can. We built this product so you won’t have to be hopping out and in just to skip, forward or lower the volume.
And when the phone rings just press the phone button on the speaker. With the built-in Bluetooth microphone you can tell them where you are (or not).
Sing along in the shower to your favorite band or relax in the bathtub while listening to some soft music, all without the worry of missing that important phone call.

2 Key features where updated
1: The battery was upgraded.
2: The phone volume is now leveled with the music volume. Skip and Back buttons allow you to change through bad songs that are playing (think Pandora)
– Compatible with any Bluetooth media player or phone
– Suction holder for convenient placing
– Individual colors that define your inner self
– Super long lasting battery

  • Splash Shower Tunes is Compatible with any Bluetooth media player or phone
  • Splash Shower Tunes Answers calls and hold conversations through the built-in microphone
  • Splash Shower Tunes Run time: up to 15 hours
  • Splash Shower Tunes Pairs your device with the Hipe speaker automatically
  • Splash Shower Tunes Convenient buttons for music and call control



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