We are back Ya’ll…did you notice we were gone?

Have you noticed our site has been a little light on posts this week?  Well I say we are back Ya’ll because we just got back from a 4 day stay in Nashville  Tennessee  ( a huge trip for this small town girl).   I think I heard “Ya’ll” about 500 times a day…and loved it!  I told Matt a few months back that I felt it was time for us to attend a blogger conference.  His jaw just about hit the floor….. he loves to travel and try new things.  But me on the other hand, well I am happiest at home in my comfort zone.

I was so  BUSY,  the conference was filled with information, fun, and non stop blissdom.  I had a blast, but told Matt next time we go on a trip we need to plan an extra day to just SLEEP before we come back home.  I am really so tired I can hardly think.  We will be posting photos and more about our trip soon, but right now we are trying to play catch up.  I have about 600 emails to file through, all the match ups to write, winners to pick, reviews to do, a weeks worth of laundry, meals to cook, children who miss their Mommy and need a little one on one time….. so I will chat with you all later ( or should I say ya’ll later).

But first I just want to say how grateful I am to my readers, that you take the time to read our site, be part of our A Thrifty Mom community family, and support this little idea  of making couponing and being thrifty a way of life!  I look forward to improving our site, and implementing some of the things I learned at blissdom.

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