Weird things parents teach their children to eat

So last night we took the kids out to eat at Souper Salad.  We all enjoyed some salad, and told the kids they could have some dessert if they finished their food.  They all wanted some chocolate pudding with whip cream on top.  I dished up the kids, then went to get some for myself.  I came back and sat down, and  Matt got this horrified look on his face when he noticed I had sunflower seeds on top of mine.  He gave me a hard time, and asked what on earth I was thinking.

Well when I was little we did not go out to eat very often.  But once or twice a year my family would go to Wendy’s and Dad would get the salad bar and for dessert he would always have a plate of chocolate pudding.  Of course my eyes would get big and I would beg him for a bite.  He liked to tease me so one time, he came back with sunflower seed sprinkled all over the top of his pudding.  Of course I made a face and thought he had gone mad, and he laughed at his silly trick.  He proceeded to eat it, and I still really wanted a bite.  Long story short it was actually really good.  Now every time I eat pudding at a salad bar I put sunflower seeds on it and think of my Dad.

So every family has their “weird food” ….. what is your families?


  1. I don’t think it’s weird, but other people seem to.  My dad used to make me peanut butter and pickle sandwiches on toast.  I still like them 🙂

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