Welch’s Coupons, Recipes, Diet Tips all for FREE

Looking for Welch’s coupons?  You can watch this short Welch’s Harvest Video it shows you an insiders’ view on what happens during annual Harvest season.  At the end, savings are unlocked and you can choose any ONE coupon from 100% Juice, Jams & Jellies, Sparkling and Refrigerated cocktails.

You can also download the guide for free at welchs.com/zagat

What’s included in the Welch’s and Zagat “Taste the Harvest” guide?

•             Zagat Ratings & Reviews for restaurants in 16 US markets recognized for their farm-to-table practices
•             A selection of farmers markets across the country;
•             A “What Produce is in Season When” list;
•             Tips for incorporating heart-healthy, seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet;
•             Exclusive seasonal recipes authored by Registered Dietitians;
•             Profile of a Welch’s family-farmer owner, who plants, cares for, and harvests Welch’s Concord grapes

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