Well at least I didn’t forget the baby……

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So after doing the Albertsons match ups last night I was beside myself excited about getting FREE butter and FREE sour cream ( click here for all the details) I was going to wake up and go at 6am before Matt went to work….but that didn’t happen.  You all know I try REALLY hard to never shop with my kids because it is just to hard.  But I decided to go ahead and get them all dressed cute and head into town with 4 little ones.  IMG_2372

It is like a three ring circus getting them all ready, brush your hair, brush your teeth, blow your nose, wash your face, put your pants on the the right way WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES!!!, turn your shirt around it is inside out, great you found your shoes but they are on the wrong feet, No you can’t wear that you look crazy, what why did you poop…time for another diaper change,…..(sound familiar?)

I finally had them all ready to go, when I ran to get a quick shower.  Remember the Marsh mellows I bought last night…well they found them and were covered in a sticky white mess.  AHHHH at that point I just gave up, sat them down for lunch (which they did not want to eat because they were full of marsh mellows) and put the baby down for a nap.  I gave myself a few hours to “re-group”, get them in clean clothes and try it again.

I got them all loaded into the car, got to Albertsons only to realize I forgot my coupon binder at home.…..good grief!!!!  But I went ahead and went inside to show all the cashiers little Maveric being that this was his first coupon trip with Mommy.  I see  the cashiers often so they feel like my friends, they were all pretty excited to see him as well.  We got the kids a free cookie at the bakery, then went home.  Feeling a bit overwhelmed, nothing like a wasted trip.  I will try to head in late tonight once Matt is home from work.   But hey at least it was my coupon binder I forgot ….not the baby!

IMG_2377Maveric, had a great trip…he slept the whole time!

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