What do you think?


I got this email today, would love to hear what you all think?

After getting my daughter moved in to her first apartment at college in Twin Falls this weekend, we went shopping at Walmart for a few little items that I wasn’t able to pull from my pantry for her pantry. I was very surprised to walk in and find, well, nothing. There were no signs that indicated that they accept all competitors coupons, no signs indicating coupon specialists . . . . nothing. While talking to the cashier, I told her that all of the Walmart stores in the Boise area now accept all competitors coupons. She very politely, but firmly, said they do not do that at the Twin Falls Walmart.

On the drive home I started thinking about why all of the Walmart stores in our area have those HUGE signs up as you walk through any entrance indicating that they accept all competitors coupons. Is this just a test market? Or have we, the couponers, become so numerous that we are having an impact on the grocery market in the area – that grocery chains, all of them, are fighting for OUR business? It’s just a thought. What do you think?

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