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A question from my reader:

This came up last night and I wasn’t sure how to address it – 
If a cashier over-rings the value of a coupon (they take off more than
they should) should you speak up? What if you don’t notice it at the
I was picking up a few things last night at Superfresh – one of which
was Ronzoni Bistro meals. They were on sale for $1.35 (half price) and
I had two buy one get one free coupons (max value of $2.69).  I bought
four and expected to pay $2.70 for them after the coupons.  When I got
home, I realized that the cashier had entered the value of the coupon
as $2.69 for each of them, rather than the $1.35 they actually cost –
so I only paid 2 cents for all four.
I feel a little bad because they were rung up incorrectly in my favor
– should I have gone back to the store and said something?

What do you think?

If I notice it right in the store I will speak up!  If I notice
 it a home, sometimes I will call the manager, a lot of times they just tell me not to worry about it.  In the past I have given the store money back the next time I shop.  They tend to look at me like I am nuts… 
But yesterday I was shopping at Walmart, once I got home and looked at my receipt I noticed 2 items did not ring up at the sale price…they over charged me 2 dollars.  But I also had a coupon for a free item up to the value of $3.00.  The item was only 1.50….but when they rang it up it took the full $3 off.  Giving me a 1.50 credit.  Being that I was over charged  $2  I figured it was all a wash, ( i was still out .50 cents)  and did not worry about it.

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