What does Couponing give your family…… The voice of an angel.

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Yesterday I got this message in my inbox,

Dear Thrifty mom,

I follow you on google reader from Nevada. After a year of great tips and shopping advice I wanted to say thank you. By saving money through your blog It has made it easier to pay for music lessons for my daughter.  Your work and the sharing of your efforts benefits so many. Attached is a recording of my 12yr old after 10 months of voice lessons. I know you will enjoy it!

I decided to click on the link to listen to her daughter Kelsi sing.  I was BLOWN away at the talent I heard, it happened to be one of my favorite songs and she sang it beautifully.  It gave me goose pumps, and I could not believe such talent could come from a  12 year old girl.  I listened to it all day long over and over, and even had the kids singing along.

I loved the song, but I loved the fact that her mom Debbie, would take the effort to learn how to coupon and spend the time clipping and preparing for the sale to save her family  money.  What did she do with the money she saved, she gave her daughter voice lessons a gift that will bless her for a lifetime….. and blessed me listening to her angelic voice.

I invite you to listen to Kelsi, and leave her a comment to brighten her day!

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