What is your daily Pot of Gold?

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My husband is currently deployed, but I don’t have a driver’s license (we are currently based in Germany, so I haven’t been able to get my license yet), so it’s difficult for me to even check my mail or to go grocery shopping on my own. Today my “pot of gold” came in the form of a phone call. One of my husband’s coworkers called just to see if I was okay, how I was doing, and if I needed anything. Just knowing that I have a support group through my husband’s work makes me happy. Thankfully, I also have wonderful friends who are helping me in my time of need, so I don’t need to worry about walking a half hour or so from the grocery store to my home with bags and bags of groceries.


a few years back I was working 3 jobs. I was trying to get full time at the one and until I could i had to take on the other 2. It was by birthday and in the morning i striped my bed and threw them in the laundry and knew after working 12 hrs that day i still needed to go home and put my bed together my sister came over while i was working to drop off a gift and saw my bed needed put back and she went down got the sheets and made my bed still to this day there hasnt been a more appreciated gift oh how I love my bed

Keep your pot of gold moments coming!!! What are you grateful for?

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