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Kristin M
Love this expression! My pot of gold is many things – being involved in animal rescue gives me purpose and joy – my dogs are joyful little creatures who give me their all. I have wonderful incredible supportive friends through both my animal rescue community and my Atheist community group. My fiance and our beautiful home. Health and wealth. This incredible Universe! There is so much to be grateful for!
Mine is my wonderful loving husband and our 6 week old son! I am so blessed to have married my hero!
Today my pot of gold is my home. It’s big enough so all my kids and grandkids can get together for holidays and parties. Although it’s not fancy (mostly furnished with hand me downs and garage sale finds)it keeps us warm and dry. If houses have spirits hopefully mine says “Welcome,Come on in”
My pot of gold is my little family  6 kids under age 15 makes a house a home I have always said I am so thankful my kids are healthy and have no problems..but we just found out my 4yr old has autism  as a family, we are learning to cope with his disease and we all work to help him grow  my pot of gold is my home where I love to “jump in” everyday and just enjoy my pot of gold and stare at it for hours thinking how lucky I really am

Keep your pot of gold moments coming!!! What are you grateful for?

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