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Each day we will be posting our readers “Pot of Gold”. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.

Lynn Fox-Embrey
My pot of gold would have to be my children. I’m so blessed. They have grown up to be wonderful adults who are loving and caring. They are always there to help others in need. They always give with there time if they are short on funds.
Misty Spradlin
I’m thankful for a wonderful husband and two beautiful children. I love my family!

Melissa H.

My pot of gold would have to be my husband.  Anytime something goes wrong or something needs fixed, he is there ready and willing to fix it.  He is so smart and amazing!  My car has been acting up so I have been stranded at home for the last 2 weeks.  He has been working on all sorts of problem that have come up with the car.  He magically knows how to fix all these things?!  Any spare time he has goes to the car so he can get it fixed and I can get out and get my thrify deals!!  It has been 11 years and I love him more and more everyday.  I am quite lucky in love!

Keep your pot of gold moments coming!!! What are you grateful for?

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