What it feels like to be told you may have a brain tumor ~ Mommy Moments

We share many aspects of our life with our readers.  But this is just a small window into our very busy lives.  I often ask myself what I should and should not share in such a public manor.  Last year I mentioned to you a few times that I have not been feeling well.  Trying not to complain but the truth is,  the last year I have been sick more than I have been well.  My body has just been so “off” I would get over one thing only to come down with another.

But on top of being sick, I was dealing with a constant head ache, freezing all the time, shaky, dizzy, exhausted,  and forgetful.  I  am pretty good at putting on a “happy face” for the outside world, but was wearing down.  My doctor and I decided to look a little deeper and try and figure out what was going on.  Tests results came back and showed that my thyroid was not working as it should and my pituitary gland levels were off as well.  My doctor was concerned that I may have a tumor on my pituitary gland, which meant I needed an MRI. Being told you may have a brain tumor is not something one looks forward to hearing.  Having major head surgery is something I have done before, but would prefer to avoid again.

As if just this news alone was not stressful enough this month my son was in the ER after I found him in bed face down having a seizure.  I was on yet another round on antibiotics for a bad chest cold, I had a PH study done on my stomach, in which I got to wear a fancy tube hanging out of my nose for 48 hours.   Then to top it all off my hubby Matt ended up in the ER with blood presser 178/129 that he was unable to lower even after an aggressive round of meds.  At this point I am starting to wonder what else could go wrong. As I was laying in the mri scan I realized  I had done this 20+ years ago as a small child … once again trying to figure out what was wrong.  I realized that it was the strength of  that little girl still inside of me that I find myself coming back to.  Knowing that  my Father In Heaven is aware of my trials, He hears my prayers and will give me the strength to keep moving forward.  And what I am doing now as a Mother of my own 4 little ones is SO IMPORTANT!  I need to teach them to know who they are, find strength, establish good habits, teach them to be strong,  be compassionate… because some day they too will be searching for answers on how to make it thru the challenges in life.  It will be their faith, and life lessons that will get them thru it.

I am happy to report that I do NOT have a brain tumor, but after more tests we found 7 spots on my Thyroid.  I have since had 2 ultra sounds and now planning to do a nuclear scan.  Being that thyroid cancer runs in my family these spots are not something to take lightly  ( my mom had cancer as well as her sister and several of her kids).

I still have many question that are unanswered maybe that is why I have waited so long to share this with you all… But I do know trials in life make one stronger and make you look at what is most important in ones life.

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