What to do with cabbage?

The last two weeks there has been a head of cabbage in our local bountiful basket.  I have had a few of you ask me what to do with a full head of cabbage?  I love cabbage, I like it raw and cooked.

When I make beef stew or chicken noodle soup I always  finely chop  about 1 cup of cabbage and add it to the pot.  As it cooks it will all but disappear into the broth (as long as it is cut small enough), it adds a sweet but spicy kick to the broth.  I LOVE IT.

I also love it sautéed with a bit of bacon and onion (Matt does not like it…but the kids and I love it).  I admit it does stink when you cook it, but nothing an open window and candle can’t fix.

Here are two other recipes I have posted in the past that use cabbage.

IMG_0785Chicken and Cabbage Salad click here


Egg Roll Recipe Click here

Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce click here

What do you do with cabbage?

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