What would you do?

This is an emial I got from one of my readers this week, I would like to know what you all think?

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I was reading some of the comments about people taking peelies off  items. I wanted to know what you would have done in this case. I was at Albie’s a few weeks ago, and someone was taking all of the blinkie coupons for the paper plates. I then went to Fred Meyer’s the next day to get Dishwasher Soap,the same person was taking all of the coupons again!! They introduced themselves, said she had been to several other stores to get the Blinke coupons because they had just put new ones out!! I was in shock and did not even know what to say!!! But then…. When I was paying for my items, this same person came up to get a newspaper, took the double coupons for Albie’s out and did not pay for the paper!! I was so upset!!   Any suggestions on what to do if I see this again? 

First off I have to say I am the biggest wimp in the world, I would like to say I would try to explain to this person that taking items from the newspaper IS stealing.  I would hate to see them get in trouble over a silly coupon, but it is wrong.  Taking all the blinkie coupons ” well there is no law against it”  but they are put out so people will use them at the store, as they shop.  Not for ONE person to take them all.  BUT being that I am such a wimp I am pretty sure I would not say anything to the person directly.  I am really good friends with all the staff at Albertsons, I would find a manager and explainwhat was going on.  I feel it is a little more appropriate for him to speak with her about this being that it is his store.  I do not know  this woman’s story or why she does it. It makes me angry, because when coupons are taken it not only affects her but everyone else that is a coupon shopper as well.  However I have learned it is best to try to look for the good in people, who knows maybe she is using them all to feed the homeless or something great like that.  But most likely they are being sold on ebay, this has become a HUGE problem in the last few months.

What do you think, what would you have done?

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