When to stock up with coupons ~ Extreme couponing the right way

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When I teach my coupon classes I talk about how much of your budget to set aside  for couponing and how to stock up.  When a new couponer watches a shows like Extreme Couponing they are lead to believe that you are suppose to build a massive stockpile in 1 day, using 100’s of coupons and walk away paying nothing.  This “can” be done but is NOT realistic and is more for tv ratings than  to teach you a skill to save you money.

When you first start couponing you will need  to still buy the “normal” things on your weekly shopping list because you do not have a stockpile at home.  What I suggest is to take 10-20% of your budget and set that aside just for couponing.  Then shop like normal with the other 80-90% of your money.  Becuase if you where to put ALL you money towards the lowest stock up deals that week… sure you would get a good deal but you would not have the items needed to create a menu plan for your family.  Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to creating a well balanced  stockpile.

Now what are you going to buy with your 10-20% set aside, you are going to focus on stocking up on the items that are at there LOWEST price point and try to buy multiples.   For example if mayonnaise  is a regular item on your shopping list you are going to pay $3-$5 per bottle depending where and when you shop.  Recently an ad  at Albertsons showed you could get mayo for low as $.49  a bottle after sale and coupons.

Best Foods Mayo $2.99 when you buy 10 $2.49

These bottles do not expire for 8 months.  So stock up when the price is low, and get 8-10 bottles for the same price you would pay for one bottle that is not on sale.  This now gives you the power to mark that item off your list for the next 8 months and you DO NOT have to buy it until it is a price point you are willing to pay. You also get to use that money towards other items like fresh produce or milk… or apply it towards more coupon deals.  The longer you shop this way you will build up a stockpile and you will get to “shop your stockpile” instead of shopping the stores for your  pantry staples.