Where are your fresh Fruits and Veggies?

Some of you are a bit worried, that I have not taken any photos of food that is “fresh”. I was asked if I only buy what is on sale, and fail to feed my family fresh, products from the store. To answer that question, No I do not buy just want is on sale. I try to stock up on items that are on sale, and will store well.
I tend to buy most of my “need it this week” items at Winco, Costco, or Walmart. Being that over all their prices are lower. BUT no store has the lowest price on every item! These stores do not run sales like Albertsosn, Walgreens, Shopko… Week to week these stores will mark down many items, making those items a great price, and then if you are able to use a coupon on top of that, you will save a lot. I try to buy only the “sale, or mark down” items, and stock up at these stores. I now have a large “food storage” of items I don’t need to buy at normal price. I can wait till they go an sale again, and restock. This cycle allows me to always buy many of my groceries over half off.
Above are the items I bought yesterday at Winco. I like their produce section, I was able to pick up broccoli for .79 cents a pound, cauliflower for .98 cents each. The only items I was able to use a coupon on was the 2 tubs of sour cream, for .40 cents off. I didn’t get any huge discount but still feel like my hard earned money was well spent, at a good price. Total spent $15.38.

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