Where Children Sleep Exhibit Review

Where Children Sleep Exhibit Review

Hey all it’s Katie! With Christmas right around the bend our lives can sure become super busy and hectic. Every year we try to help our kids understand that Christmas is about so much more than just the presents they find under the tree. As they get older they are starting to find joy in giving and service and they worry a little less about what Santa might bring them.

A few weeks ago there was a free exhibit called “Where Children Sleep” at the College of Idaho. I took my kids to see it over their Thanksgiving break. It was an incredible experience for all of us. The artist, James Mollison, has photographs of kids and where they sleep from all over the world. Beside each pair of photos is a short description of the child’s life. Some of the children my kids could identify with. They liked sports or games. And some made them really grateful for the things they do have like a home or a room with a solid roof. For me it was an incredibly humanizing experience.

There was a board where you could post your thoughts and comments and this is what my kids wrote. Where Children Sleep Exhibit Review As we were headed home I wanted to drive by a house I was looking at online that was for sale. And my 9 year old told me “Mom, we don’t need a bigger house. We have a house with a roof and we all have beds.” My heart was so grateful that this short experience was able to touch my kids and help them see just a small piece of the world.

If you have a chance to view this exhibit I would highly recommend it. Or you can purchase the book HERE.

I hope we all take the time to look outside of ourselves and our own homes this Christmas season to take the time to help someone else in need. Include your children in whatever service you choose to do. I know when we involve our kids it helps them think about others and I hope that is something they will carry with them through out their lives. We took our kids to buy medicine and hygiene items for a local shelter last Monday and I wasn’t sure if my youngest really understood. But a few days later I took him shopping to get a gift for his dad for Christmas and as we were walking in the store. He said, “Mom, let’s get something for someone else. Let’s buy them a shirt. Other people need shirts.” It was a proud mommy moment that he was trying to help others. When we include our kids I really believe we are making a difference by teaching them the value in other people.

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