Where have I been the last few days?

Before Sales or Coupons this would have cost me $65.43

I was able to get it all for $7.56

IMG_00011111111Well I am sure a few of you have noticed I have not been posting much the last few days.  We have been out of town visiting family for Thanksgiving, it has been wonderful taking a  short break.  I have had a few of you ask me if I hit all the boor buster Black Friday deals.  You may be shocked to learn that I did not. Being pregnant I felt it was more important to get my rest. Waiting in a line in the cold, just did not seem like fun this year.  We did go out shopping about 8am and were able to get some thrifty deals at Walmart.  Of course I did not get all the door buster deals, but I got a few that were left and that was good enough for me.  I also got some new boots at Shoe Carnival, and a few deals at Macy’s as well.   I was happy with the deals I found but….the best deals of the day were found at Walgreens.

I was out of town and shopping at a Walgreens I was not familiar with.  But I was happy to find a friendly cashier ( at the cosmetics counter)  that was more than happy to let me pay for my items one at a time.  I paid for the lowest priced item first, which I paid for with a register rewards from last week.  Then I used that Register Reward to pay for the next item…..  At the end I bought the buy one get one free trees, and paid for them with register rewards.

I then had my Sister in law, also buy one of each of the Register Reward items  which was another $25.44 in items and with coupons, and register rewards we only paid $3.32…Plus we ended up with another $6 register reward.