A Man’s trip to Walgreens! I got Paid to shop!

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IMG_0004So this is my first transaction at Walgreens!

Nivea for Men High Performance Shave gel $4.99

Adidas Moves cologne trail size $0.99

Blue Seduction for Men trial size $0.99

Advertised savings off the shave gel – Minus $1.50

Subtotal $4.47

Paid with a Catalina – Minus $4.00

Paid $0.47

Got a $2.50 Catalina back!

I got paid $2.03

I really don’t wear cologne that much and when I do I get bored with the same smell over and over. I prefer trial sizes. They last for months at my rate, and on top of that I switch around and smell different when ever I wear it!

So to all those guys out there… Bring it! Let’s coupon!

Granted Sarah set it all up for me… But I picked the products and she handed me the catalinas and coupons… but I’ll go with it! lol

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