Where is A Thrifty Mom? ~ Join our live chat tonight at 9pm MST

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I have a little secret  I have been gone all week… But telling thousands or readers I am NOT home is not always a good idea.  So I have been blogging as normal but at a secret location.  Since I am back home now I thought I would play a little game with you all.  I have taken photos of my trip and placed push pins to hide my location.  Tonight  8/6 at 9pm mst I will take 1 pin off every 5-10 minutes and let you all guess my location.  Once all the pins have been taken off… I will enter all the comments into random.org and we will pick a winner.  All comments right or wrong will be entered to win FREE PRODUCT COUPONS.

I just thought it would be a fun little game to play, look forward to chatting with you all tonight at 9pm MST

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