Where is my weekly budget review?

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I have had a few of you ask where my weekly budget review is for September.  Well we were suppose to close on our house  last week and move, it has been pushed back again and are waiting on the bank for a new closing date.  But being that I was suppose to move I have not been shopping much, in fact last week I did not use any coupons.  My house is half packed in boxes and I do not want to buy more stuff to pack away.  SO yes I did go shopping, I went to Walmart last weekend, I bought Milk, eggs, bread, bananas, yogurt, string cheese, sour cream and lettuce.  I spent $16.08 it killed me to pay full price and not use any coupons. But I was able to get what I needed and that is the important thing.

As much as I love to coupon and get a good deal, there is a time and a place for all things in life.  Last week was not the week for me to be running out to the store and stocking up on things…..I hope to move soon and get back to my normal thrifty ways!  It is important to remember that there is always another great sale around the corner, let family  and life come first ….and your thrifty deals come second.

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