Who Did This… Not Me

Anyone  else having a day like this?   When I asked my 4 kids who put sunscreen on the mirror I heard “not me four times”….. all I had to do was match up the hand print and I had a winner.  The winner got to clean the mirror.  Ever wonder why my house is never clean?  Because I have four little ones that wander around behind me and undo everything I DO! I know someday I am going to miss these little hand prints all over my house, but today is not that day :).


  1. Woooow! That really is going to be a lot of cleaning right there and i think gasper the ghost does not have such big hands 😉 I call these guys http://www.cleanerscamden.co.uk/ when i need something so try to find people like them in the area. i am pretty happy about the results actually!

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