Whole Seedless Watermelons only $1.00 at Albertsons

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Before Sale Price these would have cost me $15.00

I was able to get them all for $3.18

Remember the Watermelon and Minute Maid deal I told you about Monday?  Well the deal just got a little sweeter… they marked the Watermelons down to only $1.00 each!  They are REALLY yummy so I sent Matt to the store to pick up 3 more (I have been to sick to go out the last few days).  The store was out of the soda ….. Or I could have gotten three of them for FREE as well.

This was at the Albertsons stadium store in Caldwell… not sure if all stores have them marked down or not.

One of the watermelons in the photo gotr dropped… and broke open.  No harm done we just ate it for dinner 🙂

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