Why I can’t buy Lucky Charms – I have FAILED that 5 year old child inside myself

Lucky Charms translation to toddlers, funny, real life, my kids only eat the marshmallows grr

Remember when you were a kid and you would say, “Some day when I am older.”  That sentence could have ended with, stay up all night, eat candy for dinner, drive a sports car, lay on the beach all day…. or maybe it ended with, buy Lucky Charms for breakfast and eat them every day for the rest of my life.  As a five year old child, I ended that sentence with, eating Lucky Charms every day.

Let me give you a little bit of history, I am one of 6 kids. We lived on a farm and worked hard together, daily chores were just part of life.  My Mom cooked all our meals, mostly from scratch.  Boxed cereal, bags of chips or things from a carton were not part of our menu.  This was long before organic or gluten free was a trend, instead it was just learning to live off the farm and what it provided.

That being said, once a year at Christmas time each child would get their own box of cereal.  Yes in today’s world kids are asking Santa for the latest Xbox, cell phone or iPad.  I was writing Santa and asking him for a dolly and my very own box of Lucky Charms.  I can tell you as Christmas morning came, I was just as excited about my box of cereal as I was about my toy.  I would get a sharpie marker and write my name on the top of that box, and proudly claim it as my own.

Fast forward a few years… well maybe more than a few, maybe more like 30 years.  I am now an adult, a wife, and a mother.   The question is, have I been true to my 5 year old self… do I happily dance down the stairs each morning, tie on my apron and pour my 5 beautiful children a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast?  Not a huge surprise, the answer is NO. Sure they get them every now and then, but only as a treat.

I have FAILED that 5 year old child inside myself…. why you ask. Because every stinking time I buy a box, these little humans that live in my house only eat the marshmallows.  I tell ya if there is a marshmallow inside that box they are going to find it, with lightning speed.  Often to get to those marshmallows they just dump the whole box of cereal out on the floor, or the couch or outside. Don’t get me wrong, we  eat our meals in the kitchen like civilized people… but a box of Lucky Charms turns my kids to heathens that break all the rules.   So as I sit here and eat my bowl of Lucky Charms, that is no longer LUCKY because all the charms are gone, thanks to my children. I tell myself, I can no longer buy Lucky Charms (unless I hide them from my children, and only eat it late at night, in an over sized bowl, with ice cold milk, in front of the TV…. because after all I am an adult now and I can do what I want, sometimes.) Please tell me I am not the only one?

just marshmallows

Pretty sure if my kids send Santa a letter they will be asking for a bag like this, JUST MARSHMALLOWS!  Oh how time changes every thing, lol.

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