Win free Chocolate from TWIX or even cash…. I won AGAIN!!

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I have posted a few times about this fun freebie you can win a  FREE TWIX.  I won a while back and my coupon showed up in the mail yesterday.  Matt used it today to get a free Twix, inside was another code.  We played again today… and WON again.  I like the way the game is “rolling” my free chocolate bars!

Game is still live, and you can enter to win YOUR FREE TWIX you DO NOT need a code to play!

Below are some helpful tips!

Play the Pick Your Pause Game and win FREE Chocolate coupons!!!!!!

Click here to get started

Then click on the blue shop now button

It will take you to the Twix Pick Your Pause game

Click on the bottom right corner where it says Click here to play

Enter the code from a Twix with a code on it


You DO NOT need a code on a wrapper to play

Right above where you would enter a code there is a “click here” if you don’t have  a code for a free chance to play

Play the game, see what you win

Winners will receive their items in the mail and it says 6-8 weeks

( free products coupons by mail always make me smile)

PLEASE NOTE- I could not get the game to open on Google Chrome… but worked fine in Fire Fox and Internet Explorer 

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