WinCo Candy only $.98 a lb

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Just in case you did not know WinCo has marked their  bulk  bin Halloween candy down to only .98 cents a pound with a ten pound per trip limit.  This is a great time to stock up for upcoming party’s, or goody baskets… or for those cute little trick or treaters.

Looking for the coupon match up for WinCo look HERE

 Thanks to Teri for passing along this message about WinCo’s bulk candy….

My husband turns his shop into a spooky Halloween cave every year.  He is also very generous with the candy giving out huge handfuls. Every year we go to Winco when their bulk candy goes on sale as this is great for large amounts of trick or treaters.  I still get some of the brand name candy for ourselves but the bulk candy works great if you are generous like my hubby. I thought more people would like to know.


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