WinCo Foods will Beat the Competition Holiday Price

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WinCo Foods will  Beat the Competition holiday offerings.  From 11/10/2011 through Thanksgiving 2011 we will BEAT all grocery  chain store advertised food prices on a list of select items (attached).

The fine print is very simple:  It must be a grocery chain, it must be in the trade area.  Prices will be reduced in accordance with state law.  Products must be same brand and/or quality.  WinCo Foods in-store brands will be used to match competitors’ in-store brands.  Turkeys will be at an extremely low price with a $50.00 purchase (limit 1), and the $50 includes the price of the turkey!  Since we will be beating stores in each area, prices will vary as always.

Our stores will be actively pricing these select items below competition, but if anyone finds an item on our list that is lower in a grocery store’s local ad, all they have to do is bring it in and we’ll take care of the rest.  On top of this the Wall of Values (entry aisle) will be stocked full of holiday items on special.

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