Wincos limits on Propel coupons

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This was posted last night on Winco’s Facebook wall,

To our valued friends and neighbors: It has come to our attention that bundles of “Propel Water” coupons are being purchased via eBay and other online sources to be used in our stores. After some conversation and feedback from our valued customers, we will accept the actual, original coupons but not any that have been or appear to be printed or photocopied. Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience, policies like this are in place to protect our prices and our customer’s money. Thanks for your understanding.

Wow their is a bit of a heated discussion going on.  But I like to stay out of that type of discussion, but here are my thoughts on it.   Last night Winco decided to limit you to one coupon per transaction… Saying they can not take coupons that were sold on ebay ( but how can they tell my newspaper coupons from an ebay newspaper coupon?). But it appears this morning they have now switched back to allowing the coupons as long as they are the original coupon from the newspaper ( most coupons from ebay are from the newspaper…)  ANY that are printed or appear copied will not be taken.

We have talked about this before, when someone photocopies a coupon or uses a fake coupon the store will not get reimbursed from the manufacturer which will cause the store to loose money.  It only takes a few people’s actions to mess it up for the rest of the coupon shoppers with legit coupons, as in this case.  I personally have “real MFR” coupon that I clipped from my newspaper and I am not able to use them ( till Winco changed their mind this morning).

Remember a store  will be reimbursed the full face value of a coupon, plus  8 cents for each coupon (as long as it is a real coupon).  In this case Winco has Propel Water for $.50 each, you are using the $1.00 off 2 coupon to pay for them.  The store is not giving them to you for free…. you did in fact PAY for them with a legal form or payment, a coupon from the manufacturer agreeing to pay $1.00 on 2.

I am pleased to see Winco decision to take the coupons now.  As far as I know there are no printable ones out there, so yes any that look printed would raise a red flag.  We want to make sure our stores are going to get reimbursed, and in order to do that we need to make sure we do our part and keep an eye out for bad coupons.   In doing so it will help us all save, and be able to use our manufacturer coupons to get lots of Thrifty Deals now and in the future.

Thanks to Ingard for the heads up on this!

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