Winners Thrifty deals!!!

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You all know I give away coupon inserts each week on my site,  Last weeks winner sent me this email....

Thanks so much for the free inserts, here is what I got yesterday at Walmart with Albertsons doubles, plus I printed some coupons from the internet. It just shows how easy you can get started, even if you just have one computer. I was kind of nervous to get the paper deal but I’m definitely going to sign up now because even if you use just one coupon out of the whole thing, It usually pays for itself. I spent 45.28 last nite but would have paid $195.80 if I hadn’t used coupons of doubles, not as good as some of the deals I have seen on your blog but I think this was my best trip yet, just because I got (3) 24packs of soda and (2) 12 double rolls of toilet paper, items that on normal price would have cost me 45 bucks! Thanks for all you guys do, it really is amazing. I have been working so hard on budgeting and it makes me happy to know that i am somewhat successful!
Thanks so much,

I attached a picture of the stuff I got, minus 2 sodas, 3 ice creams, 1 BBQ sauce, and 1 bag of chocolate that I gave to my mother in law on my way home.

To find out how to get the Idaho Press Tribune or the Idaho Statesman A Thrifty Mom Paper deal