Thrifty Tip: Toothpaste takes out Sharpie

legsYesterday I posted a photo of Maleeys legs after she got to them with a Sharpie pen.  Then one of my readers Jody passed along this thrifty tip for getting  off Sharpie ink…..THANKS JODY

The best tip I ever learned (and it works!) is that TOOTHPASTE takes out sharpie! It cannot be the gel type. I have used toothpaste before and I am happy to say the sharpie wiped right off. Test in an inconspicuous area if you are using on carpet or fabrics as toothpaste can bleach. I have used it on plastic and wood, but never skin. Give it a try, it may work, or at least help a little? Coat the area with toothpaste and let sit for a minute or 2, then wipe away.

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