Witches brew????

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IMG_2475Yesterday my 4 year old Mckeely had her preschool Halloween party.  They sang a few songs for the parents, and had a cute little party.  Her teacher read the kids a story that she wrote in collage.  The story was about a witch that wanted to make soup for dinner, and added all sorts of crazy things to the pot.  She let the kids all add an ingredient then stir the pot.  Or course she renamed all the food, like owl eyes, lizard claws, worms, and all sorts of other creepy items.  The kids LOVED it, they giggled with delight, and had even more fun eating the “witches brew”.

This was such a simple idea, but it was the highlight of the party.  If you have little ones at home, and are looking for a fun Halloween project you may want to give this a try.  Plus it is a great way to clean the pantry!

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