Wordless Wednesday

I have had lots of you ask to see a few photos of our home remodel….it is still in tear down stage.  So you have to look past the demo and see what it will become.   Good things come to those to work hard…right?

IMG_1034 Broken tile, dust and more dust, missing walls, rotten sub floor….hours and hours of work. I just have to remember it will all be worth it in the end. I will be very excited when my new floor is in, and when the remodel is done.  Maleeya has been potty training all week ( the reason for no pants) but she has also had fun helping us with the kitchen demo!  My cute little helper.

IMG_1035Mckeely had a blast sweeping up all the dust.

IMG_1020Matthew thinks knocking out walls is better than Christmas!

IMG_1003Old cabinets that are coming out.  They don’t look to bad in the photo…but they are very 70’s and falling apart.

IMG_1028Matt and my Dad taking down the  wall the cabinets were on. This is the 2nd wall we have taken out… to open up the kitchen into one large great room instead of 3 small rooms.

IMG_1030As you can tell it is a work in progress.  It is going to be long road…but well worth all the hard work.  I am blessed to be married to “Mr. Fix it”  I love you Matt!   -Sarah-

Love you too: I just glad you are letting me do this. Our other house you fought me so much because you had a hard time picturing what it would look like. But after it was done you loved it. I think this time you are just sitting back and you are trusting my design skills… Thanks, love you too – Matt

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