Wordless Wednesday

wordless11Maleeya has been learning to use scissors in pre-school.  She has found a new passion in life, and she wants to snip everything to bits.  I put all the scissors up high, in an effort to keep them away from her….but that did not work.  My little monkey just climbed the cabinet and got them out.  I moved them to another drawer, that lasted a few days, but she still found them.   I hid them around the house, that did not work, I couldn’t remember where I put them…but  she would still find them.  She is like a naughty little mouse, going a round the house snipping things to bits, and leaving the evidence behind.

Here are a few things I found this week….


She cut up my recipe card


She cut the end of her cute little hair piggy tail off…….I guess at least it was not the whole piggy tail.


She cut off the ties, on our quilt….

IMG_6358After several time outs, and long talks about “why we don’t cut things up” I still do not trust the little turkey…so I hid all the scissors in an empty truffle bag, and put it way up high in my closet….lets see how long it takes her to find them now.

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