Wordless Wednesday- Police at A Thrifty Moms house….

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Guess who knocked on my door bright and early this morning?  Yip, two armed police men… needless to say I was in total shock.  They asked if anyone had called 911.  I told them no, but with 4 little ones in the house anything was possible.   They said it came from a SOS call from a phone not in service.  They had tracked it to our house with GPS.  After a few minute we figured out that it was our exchange student  from France  phone.  He has it turned to no service but right on the top is a big SOS button.

Well last week when we were visiting Matts parents, Papa Barrand taught little Maveric to turn the alarm off on his phone by pushing the button right on top of the screen.  We would all clap, and he would smile ear to ear thinking he had done something grand.  Well when he saw the big SOS button on Paulins phone he pushed it too….. but instead of an alarm turning off and us all clapping,  he called the police.

I am so grateful that we have police to come help us in time of need… but was beyond embarrassed when they showed up because my 1 year old was pushing buttons like Papa taught him…..  All in the day of being a Mom 🙂

My little guys first mug shot… and hopefully his last 🙂

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