Wordless Wednesday- You might be thrifty if you re-wrap your toilet paper

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Wondering why my roll of toilet paper looks a little “off”.

 See those little feet in the back ground that should be the first clue.

Ahhh a wider shot shows the guilty face.  Still need more evidence?

EVERY time someone leaves the door open to the bathroom…. this little stinker runs inside and starts pulling all the paper off the roll as fast as his little arms will move.

Caught in the act…. see that smug look.  He knows all he has to do it give mommy a smile and he is off the hook.

So yes if you ever come to my house, you may just find the toilet paper has been “re-wrapped”…. I would go broke if I just tossed it all in the trash every time this little stinker unrolled it.


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