Yeah Dad that’s the wind – Cheap Hearing Aids

Yeah Dad that’s the wind – Cheap Hearing Aids

Recently Matt bought hearing aids for his dad. I really just thought this was a waste. But after years and years of repeating ourselves to him during conversations with his dad, anything was a blessing. He had visited one of those Hearing Aid advertisement shops before, but it was more of a vacation condo type scheme. Where you watch their video and are filled in through the door. Only to find out the product is $4000.00. But hurry act now!

So they left and came home thinking all was lost. He wasn’t even sure if they would work. Why spend any amount of money on a seniors budget if you are not sure. Then Matt found these. Yes they are chinese and cheap, but hey if they could help it would be a start. So one day he bought them and the next thing I know they are on his desk.

So the other day we had dinner over at his parents house and he brought them. After a couple of adjustments of the volume and tone setting knobs his dad put them in. instantly he said SHHHH.. which is usually the opposite. We all fell over laughing. And his voice was much quieter as he talked. It was so relieving to talk to him with out having to yell both him and us. All of us were just so thrilled to have a normal conversation with him. Later we all went outside to say goodbye. We all turned to look at Dad just standing there. As we all started asking what was wrong, he said “Shhh. DO you hear that rushing sound”. We all laughed and said “yeah dad its the wind!”cheap hearing aidesWalker’s Game Ear Ultra Ear ITC (Pair)

Normally around $80 – right now get the pair for as low as $22.61 with free shipping with Amazon Prime

  • For users who want hearing amplification while in the field
  • From the leader in hearing protection and sound amplification
  • Lightweight and can be used in either ear
  • Allows the user to modify tone and volume for optimum hearing
  • Mild compression circuit to help muffle muzzle blasts

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