You might have a problem…IF


One of my readers sent me this,  both Matt and I busted a gut laughing.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Ok, So I read on a site Target has Scotch Pet Fur Fighters on sale for $4.99, WOW!!! way cool!!! So I Clip My 8 Coupons and make a Target run, sure enough on sale and in stock!!! I have the $4.00 coupons making them .99, super cool deal, I also have a $5.00 Gift card that I paid with making my run just over$3.00… YEAH…Right?
I get home and show my husband My Deal of the day!!!! he looks at it and tells me that I have a Problem…. for the life of me I had no clue what he meant or what was wrong, after all $3.00 with coupons and gift card, So I knew it could not have been the cost, So Silly me I went ahead and asked what he meant by “I had a Problem” his reply was We don’t have a PET!!! I Hate it when he’s right…But my reply was I felt my Deal went well with my 72 cans of FREE Mighty Dog!!
But the story gets better!!!
I take off to IHS to now adopt a Dog to go with my great DEALS, I found just the one, My husband comes home from work, and I show him our new Family Member, He takes one look at the dog and starts to LAUGH!! says let me get this straight first you buy pet fur fighters, only then come to realize we don’t have a pet, you then go adopt a dog since we now have Fur Fighters!!!
But you still have a Problem!! WHAT NOW I asked????? his reply was “YOU ADOPTED A HAIRLESS DOG”
So much for a Bargain!!!

So, do you have  problem?  Please share….we all need a good laugh!  Here is mine.


My name is Sarah and I might have a problem…. My beloved Coupon Binder is bigger than one of my Children!!!

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